I’m asked “I want to buy EX coin (EXC), a virtual currency”, “Where can I buy EX coins?

Since around December 2018, there have been many questions about this, and when I searched for “Why?”, It seems that the developer, Mr. Hiroji Fusa (*), patented EX coin and secretly went public in 2018.

(*) Koji Fusa is a world-famous financial fund manager who graduated from Oxford University. A former boarder from Aung San Suu Kyi’s home. This time, we will develop EX coin with Mr. Susumu Kusakabe who is the former Sony who made the FeLiCa card with high security level.
EX coins are managed by a mechanism called Digital Central Bank (GMF: Global Monetary Fund). Low-cost operation that does not require mining such as Bitcoin BTC, which requires huge power costs. Even if there is a sale, it does not fall below 50% because it always supports buying. Therefore, both advanced and emerging economies are likely to be targets for investment in the future, as they can play the role of a stable base currency without significant price movements.

The only place where you can buy EX coins

Big Boss TopPage

It is FOCREX of virtual currency exchange.
You will be opening a FOCREX account via a site called big boss.

The only place where you can buy EX coins

Big Boss TopPage

Of course, there is no annual fee or account maintenance fee.
Now, it’s easy, but we’ll cover everything from opening an account to buying virtual currency EX coins.

Things to prepare in advance

Mainly only two documents.

1.Proof of Identification Documents

Your country’s Government organization approved identification document.Your photograph, your name and expiry date (if any) has to be clearly seen on the document.


■Driving License
■Government issued Insurance Card
■Identity Card

2.Proof of address

Name, address, and date of issue (or expiry) has to be clearly seen on the document.


■Proof of Residency
■Utility Bills
■Bank Statements
■Any other public organization issued letters has to be within past 3 months


Prepare an image file by taking a picture or scanning it with a smartphone or other device.

Go to Big Boss’s website and open an account

Big Boss TopPage

The right.

Open an account]

Click on it.

The account currency type is USD and the account type is FOCREX, Standard FX Account 555:1. I agree” to the terms and conditions. And “Next”.


Enter your personal information (address, contact information, etc.).

On the screen that follows, upload the identity verification documents.

Unless it was a holiday, we received a notification about the completion of the opening the next day.

The account number and login password are described in the email.

How to Buy EX Coins (EXC)

[Big Boss Top Page]

Click on “My Page (Login)” above the

You will then be taken to a page where you can choose between “Deposit by domestic bank transfer” and “Deposit by credit card”.

Either way, EX Coins can only be bought in dollars (USD).
So you will have to exchange your money for dollars at least once.

If you make a domestic bank transfer, you can send money to (account number) USD, and they will exchange it in dollars.
If it’s a credit card, they’ll automatically exchange it for dollars.

Buy EX Coins (EXC) with FOCREX

Big boss is only a money transfer window and you can’t buy EX coins from the site.
You need to log in to the virtual currency exchange FOCREX to buy.

Log in to FOCREX using the link below. The login password is the same as BIG BOSS.


[FOCREX Top Page]

Here’s an image of what I explained in the video above.

The FOCREX page is a little hard to see, but once you get used to it, you’ll be fine.

Let’s start with the INSTRUMENTS on the left.
①Choose a currency pair and click on EXC/USD. .

②Next click on the green number under one of the prices in the middle of the ORDER BOOK on the right.
Then it will be automatically reflected in the NEW ORDER column below.
Set the quantity to be bought in the Amount field.
③Click on the green text of “Buy”. .
This completes the purchase.

When do I sell it?
EXC is a relative trade.
It’s the same operation when selling.
Click on the red number above the one in the middle price at ②.
③Set the quantity to be bought in the Amount field.
Click on the red letters for Sell.

Here’s a video summary.
This video is an older version, but the general approach is the same.

Select EXC/USD.
Confirmation that it has changed to EXCUSD.
Click on the ASK (buy) number at the top of the order book board.
The number will be reflected in the NEW ORDER for EXCUSD.
Amount of 0.1 EX Coins (EXC) at $12040 (USD).
In other words, 1 EX Coin = 120,400 dollars = about 13 million yen.
Change the amount of EX coins you buy to a smaller amount, such as 0.05.
Press Buy.
BALANCES’ US Dolloar is down and EXC’s numbers are up.


How did you like it?

Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the simplicity of EXCOIN makes it more secure.

It is also resistant to volatility because of its buying support structure.

In the future, we believe that EXCOIN will establish a position in virtual currencies like gold and the yen, either as a speculative target or as a safe asset during risk-off periods.

It doesn’t hurt to keep it while you’re at it.

Big Boss TopPage

This is not an investment advice, but an information about your personal experience. Investment involves risks. When purchasing, please use your own judgment.